Ian Evanoff

Chicago, IL

About me

Howdy! I’m Ian Evanoff. My pronouns are he/him. I live in Chicago, IL.
I’m a Software Engineer, although for the past few years I’ve done more managing than engineering. I’m a tinkerer at heart, though.
I have a rescue dog and cat, who are both extremely pushy. My husband and I mostly communicate via Homestar Runner references and Patton Oswalt bits.
I have a theatre degree, and I enjoy being onstage, though like just about everyone I haven’t been doing much performing of late.
And—though you’d be forgiven for not thinking so based on this rather meandering bio—I enjoy writing.
Other faves include single malt /whiske?y/, getting up early to ride all the rides at /Disney(land| World)/ right when the park opens then having a cupcake for breakfast, and social justice.

Favorite Foods

  • Homemade biscuits and gravy

Some Favorite Charities / Activism Orgs

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